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Tomica Hero Rescue Force Characters

Tomica Hero Rescue Fire Characters

Tomica Hyper Series Characters

Hyper Rescue

  • Shou
    • Driver of Hyper Rescue No. 1 Type II and Hyper Rescue Zero
  • Ren
    • Driver of Powered Rescue Vehicle, Co-Driver of Great Ambulance
  • Takumi
    • Driver of Powered Fire Engine and Powered Drill, Co-Driver of Great Ambulance
  • Hayabusa
    • Driver of Rescue Liner
  • Captain Uchida
  • Yasshi
  • Barry

Hyper Blue Police

Hyper Builder

  • Riki
    • Driver of Big Special Crane Vehicle.
  • Ken
    • Primary Driver of Big Special Work Vehicle
  • Miho
    • Secondary Driver of Big Special Work Vehicle
  • Kodama
    • Driver of Builder Liner
  • Captain Ishibashi

Hyper Green Ranger


Tomica Hyper Rescue Drive Head Characters

The Mobile Rescue Police:

The Mobile Assault Police:

Former Antagonists



Drive Head News Channel Characters